Fujifilm INSTAX Square SQ10 | What’s new? Unboxing & Mini Demo!

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We are just loving the new Instax SQ10 Square camera!

For so long Instax users and newcomers have desired a film format size similar to the traditional Polaroid film – ’Square’. About 19 years ago (1998) the first Instax Mini camera and film was released which was shortly followed by the wide camera and film. Finally, Fujifilm has released the Instax SQ10 camera and film, so instant film lovers everywhere will now have the ’Square’ film format to add to their collection.

You’re all probably wondering what’s so different about this instant camera. The Instax SQ10 Square is a new Hybrid Instant Camera that will not only produce new Square film prints but will also allow you to retake and edit photos prior to printing out a shot. It can hold up to 50 photos with it’s internal memory and support a MicroSD card for extra storage. Fujifilm have taken the viewfinder out and instead put an 3.0” LCD monitor in, allowing you to easily compose shots and also see exactly what you’re going to print. The camera itself has a fixed focal length of 28.5mm and is now able to focus on objects as close as 10cm – great for macro photography. Deep down, many instant film users have all wished for at least one if not all of these features and now it’s all possible.

Photos are saved and can be reprinted as many times as you like.
Various editing tools to crop, add filters, vignettes and change exposures.
3.0-inch LCD monitor.
50 prints can be saved on the internal memory.
Works with Tripod

Auto – automatically prints photo as soon as picture is taken.
Manual – will not automatically print out photo. Allows you to edit photo by cropping, applying a filter from 10 options, change exposure and add vignette.

Shooting Modes:
Standard – normal photography.
Bulb – shutter is kept open by holding the shutter button for maximum 10 seconds – great for night shots, tripod or tabletop is necessary.
Double Exposure – take two shots in the one picture

Check out this unboxing and mini demo video that our staff member, Jo, put together.


It will also allow you to print images taken with another camera. Just save the files onto a MicroSD card so you can print. Just make sure to copy the image to root directory not folders and the file name should consist of 4 capital letters followed by 4 numeric characters. We have tried and successfully tested this – for example in the image above, the two cats were originally taken on an Olympus Camera saved to the MicroSD card via a computer.

Is this camera worth it? Yes, bigger photo size plus it saves a copy of the photo. Does it take away the fun as it’s not just instant? No, it adds a whole other level of fun with modern technology whilst still being your tradition instant camera. Also you can have way more fun when you’re able to print out extra copies to share!

Film Size: 86mm x 72mm
Image Size: 62mm x 62mm
Supports JPG image files
Weighs 450g
Rechargeable Battery

The two shutter buttons can be configured for right/left handers or even a shortcut for the shooting modes.
Once in playback mode, to go back to the camera mode just press the shutter button.
When taking long exposures in Bulb mode, be sure to hold the shutter time down for as long as you need, there’s a max of 10 seconds.

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