Our Menu of Film Services

The world of film and analog photography keeps growing. From niche professionals to first time users the allure of film and print inspires fascinating photography.

Film Processing
from $10

We process 35mm film all day every day. In a 2 hour service time you can choose negatives only or with prints and or scanned to CD\DVD\USB drive.

from $15

Fill the walls of your home with your own art and memories. We have two magic poster printers running all day. Up to 1.2 meters wide and as long as you like with Glossy, Matte and Art Papers to choose from.

from $6

Look out dining room table, the shoe boxes are getting emptied onto you. Sort, reflect and archive your prints into either quick and easy albums or classic dry mounts with protective glassine inter-sleeves.

Film Scanning
from $2

We can scan your colour or B&W film from both 35mm and 120mm formats. Whole rolls or single negatives are no problem. Get social and share your scanned images.

from $3

Grandpa and grandma definately used them, Mum and dad probably used them and might have found them in a shoebox. Dig them out and print or scan them with our many services.

Storage and Cleaning
from $6

If you need a hand cleaning and storing your film come in and get some advice. Cleaning originals can be done but you need to take it carefully or it can end in tears.

from $1

Sure, we can make copies of your prints but if you have the original negatives or slides we can make any size print at a higher quality and cheaper.

from $5

A great range of styles and sizes. Most come inclusive of a mat to seperate the print from the frame edge for look and also to seperate the print from the glass and keep your print from fading.

Keep Shooting
from $12

More film, colour and black and white in stock now. Grab a roll, dig out the old camera and relive the suspense of shooting without knowing until you pick up your prints.

Film Processing

We process C-41 35mm & 120mm film all day every day. A 24 hour service time, you can choose negatives only or with prints and or scanned to CD/USB drive.