DVD and digital movie files from Super 8mm, Slides and VHS tape transfers.

Memories shouldn’t have an expiration date. But that’s exactly what happened to countless home videos as VHS replaced Super 8, then DVDs took over VHS. High school graduation. Your wedding day. The day you brought your baby home for the first time. Soccer games. Family trips. All those big moments and the small details you’ve forgotten? They’re all still there, and with our DVD transfer and video conversion service, you can bring them from the dusty back corners of your mind to the nearest screen to relive and share. The process is simple: Just drop off your Super 8 film, VHS tapes, Hi 8mm or Mini DV tapes at the nearest Camera House and our team will transfer them to a DVD. Or, you can go one step further and get not just a DVD, but a USB file ready to upload. Still not quite enough? Try our cloud storage option, which leaves your video ready to stream and immune to future tech advances that left you in a bind in the first place. Take #ThrowbackThursday to a whole new level—with DVD transfer and video conversion, you can throw it way back. Besides, who else would you trust with your memories but the largest specialty imaging company in Australia?