A Night with Dale – Photography Workshop with Dale Sharpe



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Dale Sharpe is part of the team at DK Photography, based on the picturesque Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Dale’s love for photography has also been ingrained with him from a young age. He began photographing 15 years ago when he started out in real estate photography and moved into portraiture and events over the coming years, making this his full-time career 5 years ago. Now he has developed a love for night landscape photography and travels the world photographing incredible night scapes.

Dale Sharpe Nikon Ambassador

We will be holding an evening at The New Camera House which will entail a chance for you to meet Dale and learn some of his tricks. Dale will be doing a presentation on night scapes and then, if the weather cooperates, we will all head out to see him in practice.


Photo taken by Dale Sharpe Lake Bonney SA

Nikon will also be providing gear for you to trial throughout the night. An event not to be missed.



Guest: Nikon Australia Ambassador Dale Sharpe from DKPhotography
Host: The New Camera House
Date: Saturday 27th April 2019
Location: The New Camera House
Cost: $69.95