How we help instore!

At The New Camera House, there are two ways to shop: click, or brick.
Whether you visit our online shop or our brick-and-mortar store, you’ll find a variety of photography products at competitive prices.
But, that doesn’t mean the experience is the same. While ordering your prints in your PJs and replacing that busted filter online is a snap, there are quite a few ways that the in-store experience trumps the convenience of online sales.
Besides stopping in to see a few smiling faces, here are four reasons to stop by the New Camera House in Lismore.Jon Paterson, Managing Director

We Foster Education

Shopping online, you can’t physically see what you’re buying. You can’t have an in-depth conversation about what you need. And you certainly can’t pick it up and try it out yourself. That significantly reduces the chances of buying the wrong thing, whether it’s a lens that’s not fully compatible with your camera, a filter that doesn’t fit or simply gear that doesn’t work well with your skill set or interests. Shopping in store helps you to pick out the right product, without making any exchanges.

Save with the right advice

Browse online, and you may end up thinking you need, well, everything in order to become a better photographer. That’s really not the case. Stop in to buy a filter, and our staff can show you which ones can simply be done in post processing and how options like polarizing and neutral density filters can’t be imitated. There’s a wide range of photography gear because there’s a wide range of photography interests. Let us know that you shoot landscapes, and we’ll keep you from overpaying for a lens that has features really designed more for portraits.

We Practice Honesty

New photographers often waste quite a bit of cash by buying gear that either is unnecessary or simply not suited to their skill level or interests. Working with one of our in-store associates, it’s like you’re shopping with the experience of a professional photographer, even as a newbie. You can even bring in your current gear, and we’ll show you what accessories will help make the biggest difference in your images.

We Create Fun

After the click of an online shopping order, you have to wait several days before you can actually start clicking away with your new gear. Stop in the store, and you can start shooting that same day–you can even unbox and try out your new gear at some of the top local spots for photographers like the Back Alley, Bar Mountain lookout, or the Bexhill Open Air Cathedral.